Saturday, October 22, 2016

Mindfulness & Happiness

I'm dedicating this post to health and wellness with a fun shoot I did recently, in hopes of bringing you closer to your happy place. Like many people, I've gone through hardships to the point where I felt lost. I had to seek help in dealing with anxiety and PTSD. I was taught Mindful Awareness through a therapist who later became my lifecoach. Without this practice I feel that my anxiety would get the better of me, and I would not be the calm collective person I've become. 
The practice of Mindfulness requires you to pay attention to whatever is going on around you. In other words, it's being in the moment. Not in the past or in the future, actually living your life with an awareness that the NOW is what matters. It's the only time where you are actually in control of how you react to what happens around you. 
"The Intuitive mind is a sacred gift, the rational mind a faithful servant, we have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift." - Albert Einstein

Dress: Local Store(Similar here and here) Shoes: MIA Wedges (similar)

For me Mindfulness helped me heal emotionally and mentally. It taught me to be kinder to myself. It taught me to be more appreciative of the people around me, and helped me recognize how much of a positive impact I can actually have in the world. I am a happier and healthier person because of it. I would recommend the practice of Mindful Awareness to anyone searching for balance and happiness in their lives. 

Check out UCLA's Mindful Awarenss Research Center for more information. Free guided meditations can be played on your computer or  directly downloaded to your phone via iTunes HERE.

Much Love, 


Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Poshing towards a Minimal Lifestyle

Hope you're all having a wonderful week so far! This past weekend I opened a space on Poshmark to sell all the clothes that I haven't worn in a while. 
 I'm on the road to simplifying my life. I want less things in it. I feel that the more things I have, the less I can focus on what I really want. When I'm home I want to feel light and relaxed. That is not so easy to do when you have stuff everywhere collecting dust. Not that I have a lot, but I could use more space to do more photography and studying in a much more organized space. Clothes take up a lot of my space. :))

For those that don't know about Poshmark, it's an app that allows you to sell and buy clothes right off your phone. So easy to do! I just took pictures straight from my phone and downloaded them right into the app. It's so convenient to use. I also took some screen shots off some of my posts, and BAM!. Listed them in less then 5 minutes. I just can't believe I took so long to do this. It's been on my mind for a very long time. 
Guess what? I just made my first SALE! The very first week I opened the store I sold my boots. Poshmark even sends you a shipping label for up to 5 lbs to ship to the customer right away. It's recomended you ship within 2 days of purchase. I dit it, now just waiting on my profit once the customer receives the item and accepts it. Definitely got me addicted to listing more things to sell! I feel so happy to be simplifying my life with less things and earning money doing it. Do you think you'd like to sell some of your unused clothing? You won't regret it. I love it! :))

Check out my closet guys. Many of the clothes you've seen on the blog are starting to be listed there. Make me an offer, I'm happy to bargain! 

P.S. My Giveaway to a $139.95 Teeth Whitening Kit is still open!
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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Cali Fall Style and Some Thoughts

I've been putting a lot of thought into the direction where I want to take the blog this coming year. Initially I started it in a way to express my creativity through things that inspired me the most. I needed that inspiration and I loved the connection I felt to many other people who shared the same interests as me. I also wanted to inspire others to do what they loved, or help people in some way through my words, and creativity. 
In a way not much has changed. I have been trimming my content little by little. For example, I took out the DIY and Tasty sections on it this year, because I haven't done any post on them. It really didn't make sense for me to leave them up with only old posts. My art section hasn't gotten much action lately either, even though I love it to death. I haven't done much art lately, or visited many museums recently. Sad, but so true. Seeking your input on what you like to see most on Inspire My Fancy. Is it the style, photography, or beauty posts? I struggle with taking out the photography section as well and maybe changing it into a lifestyle section. Since it is part of something I'm doing more of. That would make more sense I think, right?

Dress: BB Dakota c/o Shopbop (similar)//Booties: Zara//Hat: JCrew (old)//

Hope you like this minimal Cali Fall outfit. It is barely cooling down to the mid 80's this week! It gave me a chance to bust out my new booties. I adore booties because I find them so retro looking. Same as this drop waisted dress. I love timeless pieces. The drop waist silhouette was created in the 1900's by Coco Chanel herself. It allowed women to move around, unlike the corset fashion they were used to wearing at the time. Women were free to move around, look chic, lady like, and be less constricted. Coco was a genious!!!! It's one of my favorite silhouettes.

 Please let me know you're thoughts on what you like to see most on the blog. I appreciate all your thoughts and input. It is all so constructive for me. I feel so happy when I can have a positive impact in some way through what I create. 

With Love Always, 


Monday, October 10, 2016

Night Revive Retinol Serum

I have to tell you all a little secret...with my forties approaching I gotta take extra good care of my skin to slow down the process of aging. Yup that's my secret. I'm almost 40! Don't we all love smooth skin with as little wrinkles as possible? I think there is beauty in everything, but I prefer less wrinkles on my face. Which leads me to introduce Valentia's Night Revive Retinol Serum. It's a product that is supposed to fight wrinkles, and provide hydration to the skin. I was so excited to try this product! Here is my review on Valentia's Night Revive. 
Retinol- Also know as vitamin A, which is clinically proven to stop wrinkles from forming and manage acne breakouts. 
Vitamin E-Hydrates the skin and fights the drying effects of Retinol.
Vitamin C-Guards the skin against free radicals and helps heighten retinols protective effect. 
Squalene-This ingredient is made from pure olive oil. It provides additional moisture to the skin. 
How to Use
Apply nightly after washing your face by shaking the bottle lightly. This blends the natural ingredients which seperate inside the bottle. You apply it to face and neck before moisturizing. It is also recommended that you use SPF during the day while using this product. If you experience redness it is also recommended that you skip 2-3 nights before using it again.
My Opinion 
The product has a very soothing cool watery texture. I loved the fact that it came with a dropper because I didn't have to dip into the product to apply. It also allowed me not to waste it, as I applied a few droplets at a time on the back of my hand to apply it to my face one section at a time. That's a big plus, because I hate being wasteful. I did not experience any irritation at all while using this product even when I used it 3 days in a row. That made me happy because I have sensitive skin, and my skin did not have a negative reaction to the product. 
I noticed a slight difference in the appearance of my skin within 7 days of using the product. My skin did appear to have a healthier, more dewy appearance. The fine lines around my forhead were much less noticeable. Those are my enemies.!!! I will continue to use this product because I can't wait to see what happens within a month. Hopefully smoother skin around my mouth, those smile lines I tell you!!! I love to smile, and Night Revive certainly helped me do that when I noticed the results. I recommend this product.  :))

-Cruelty Free
-It is Vegan Friendly
-Made using sustainable energy
-Contains organic ingredients
-Made with natural ingredients


You may purchase this product via Amazon for a total of $35.00 for a 1.18 oz bottle.

Check out Valentia's awesome products here:


This is a sponsored post, all opinions are my very own. 


Monday, October 3, 2016

Smile Brilliant

 Happy to announce that I've partnered up with Smile Brilliant and tried their professional teeth whitening system. As a coffee lover, my teeth weren't the whitest even though I used whitening toothpaste. They were a bit coffee stained. After reading and researching the brand through many positive user results, I decided to try it for myself to see if I could achieve a whiter brighter smile. Who doesn't want that right? Here is my experience with Smile Bright with simple steps to follow, incase you want pearly whites too. :)) 

Order Process
Step One: Order the professional whitening kit on the Smile Brilliant Website which arrives within 3-4 business days. 

Step Two: Receive kit and follow super easy step by step instructions to make your own teeth impressions. Mail them to the lab for your custom trays to be created. 

Step Three: The lab creates the trays in 3-5 business days. You receive an email once they are being shipped to you. From there it takes 3-4 business days for you to get your trays. Please note that international shipping takes 7-14 business days.

Step Four: Use your custom whitening trays by applying the whitening gel.

Creating the Impressions
Once you receive the kit in the mail, you must make your custom impressions using a type of puddy provided to you. You mix the blue and white puddy, and place the puddy on the top and bottom teeth impression trays. Then you press them onto your teeth one at a time.
 Once both impressions are made, you mail them in to the lab in the envelope provided to you. If in the U.S. the envelope is prepaid. If outside the U.S. you would be responsible for mailing in the impressions in your own paid envelope. The cost is about $10.00-$15.00.  As soon as you receive  your custom teeth tray back from the lab, you are all set to begin your teeth whitening journey!

Teeth Whitening Gel Experience
I am very careful when using new products. For this reason I started using the whitening gel for short periods of time even though it is safe to use from 45 minutes to 3 hours at a time. My first application lasted 40 minutes. I saw a slight difference in the color of my teeth from the first time I used it. The biggest noticeable difference was after using it for over 1.5. You see a remarkble brightening effect when used for longer periods at a time. I did feel some sensitivity as I increased the length of time for the whitening gel.

Desensitizing Gel For Sensitive Teeth Experience
The desensitizing gel helps close pores on your teeth and remineralize them.You just have to leave it on for 15 to 30 minutes.  
It is recommended to be used 24-48 prior to beginning the whitening treatment if you have really sensitive teeth. I think it really helped because I did not experience much sensitivity while using the treatment.

My Opinion on the Results
 I am extremely pleased with the results I got! I did 15 hours total of application time, and got fantastic results. As I said before I started off with 40 minutes and worked my way up to 2hours per application. I recommend that you increase the whitening time slowly. If you do experience some sensitivity on your longer whitening times, I suggest taking a break for a day. What I loved most about the system were the easy to follow directions along with pictures that are included in the kit. It made me feel confident about doing the professional whitening myself. Love my new whiter smile, so happy with it!

Before                                                   After

Lucky you! Smile Brilliant is giving away a whole whitening treatment kit worth up to $139.95 to one lucky subscriber. I will announce the winner in 2 weeks via your email.
The winner will receive:
-One tray creation kit 
-6 syringes of their choice (3 whitening, 3 desensitizing or 6 whitening)
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Smile Brilliant Giveaway

Smile Brilliant is also offering all Inspire My Fancy readers a 5% discount on the product with code:
Apply this code at checkout to get the discount.

Here are some Q & A responses you may find useful:
7 Things To Know Before Buying Teeth Whitening
 Helpful Testimonial on Youtube
How I Whitened Teeth at Home 

Wish you luck on the giveaway!


Professional Teeth Whitening

Monday, September 26, 2016

Denim Sporty Dress

Coming along 2016 heading towards the holidays in my current favorite jean dress! It's been a good year I guess because I got to travel some, and left my old job to start a new journey in life. I wish I could say it's been all peaches and cream, but it has taken some adjustment. Mainly because I'm working longer hours, but have a bit more flexability too. Sometimes I'm so tired I could barely stay awake to blog, and post. My studying has suffered a bit to. If you don't know, I'm studying for my teacher's entrance exam. I've had to postpone it twice already from lack of time to study. I'm making it a priority this month to schedule study time everyday. My next test is in less than a month! Wish me luck.

Dress: Forever21//Shoes: Steve Madden(similar)//Backpack: Poverty Flats
You can't have it all, but you can make anything a good learning experience I believe. 
Chasing dreams, reaching goals, learning, and helping others along the way make for a good life I think. How are you? Are you making any big changes in your lives lately? I love sharing my journey because we are all more connected then we may think. If we can talk to each other, share with one another, this will be a much better world for all of us. 



Friday, September 23, 2016

StyleWe Love

Sheath Long Sleeve Simple Sweater Dress with ScarfWhite Stripes Wool Blend Knitted Long Sleeve CardiganGray Knitted Viscose 3/4 Sleeve Plain CardiganPink Turtleneck Long Sleeve Wool Blend Sweater
Wow, I have to say... dreamy fall wardrobe!!!! Discovered the designer Sikya on the STYLEWE  fashion website while searching for some Fall goodies. I am drawn to these designs for the oversized comfort factor. I'm a lover of oversized clothing, infact most of the time I buy clothes that are one or two sizes bigger. Having room to feel free and less constricted is key for me. These pieces are so perfect in those to aspects. I would love to own these for Fall! 

Pink PU Street Zipper Plain Leather Jacket with BeltBlack PU Plain Long Sleeve Street Biker JacketGray Zipper Plain PU Street Biker JacketPink Zipper Street PU Biker Jacket
I also discovered the Alicedudu collection and fell instantly in love. Their collection of leather moto jackets is incredible! The colors and styles are very on trend, but also have cool pockets and zippers that make them stand out. I love a good leather jacket because it is such a versitile piece to own. It is a must have in any wardrobe! I can style them with dresses, pants, skirts, and shorts. There are endless combinations to create with a leather jacket. Don't you think? 

Wether faux or real leather, a well designed pair of leather pants is a must for Fall or winter. Another versitile piece that allows you to create a chic, urban, or rocker look if you so desire. I own a few and when all else fails, my black leather pants have never failed me...unless you count that time I wore them in 90 degree weather and pretended I wasn't dying from the heat. Haha! Here are a some choices I picked out from a few different designers on the Stylewe. 
Black Polyester Plain Simple Leather PantsBlack PU Casual Plain Leather Pants
Thanks to Stylewe I discovered some fabulous independent designers and can now shop their wonderful designs. Now which to choose from? Not sure, I'm loving too many of them! Which of these cool pieces would you choose for your Fall wardrobe? So hard!!

If you are looking for some impressive designs, I would totally recommend taking a look at Stylewe. The whole site is super inspirational. Actually they even have a Stylewe fashion blog! The blog has endless fashion tips, designer news, and history behind many famous fashion icons/brands. It's fun to know little tid bits about the history of fashion and the people that created it. Hope you check out STYLEWE for all the great independent designers they carry. I guarantee you will feel a bit more connected to the clothes you wear. 


*This is a sponsored post, all thoughts and opinions are my very own.
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