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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Wardrobe Essential: The Moto Jacket

Do we all agree that the moto jacket is a closet staple? This one I'm wearing came into my life recently after and endless search for the perfect one. It has been 2 years since I lost my favorite moto jacket to be exact. I finally found a replacement for it. This one is from Blank NYC Denim. It is perfect and everything I was looking for in a moto jacket. Its faux leather, soft, just enough zipper and button detail to make it look interesting, but not overwhelming. I loved it as soon as I saw it! Personally I think everyone should have a moto jacket in their wardrobe. It is such a versitile piece, can be thrown over any outfit giving it instant cool style. Wether a skirt, pants, or dress, throwing on a moto jacket elevates it making it a much more interesing look. Would you agree?

Jacket: Blank NYC Denim| Skirt: Shop Bop C/O- Free People (similar)| Backback-DSW(similar)| Top-Amazon

I loved wearing my jacket while I explored the city on this sunny breezy day. It was just the perfect piece. If you're wondering where I am here, it's the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles. This was a place I used to visit often with friends as a teen, but I hadn't been there in years. I had a day off work and thought it was just the perfect opportunity to go exploring. 
Also if you are a fan of Lala Land the movie, a few scenes were shot here. The dancing in the stars scene, the place they walk to at night after the first time the two characters meet, and lastly it's where they meet to say goodbye. Isn't that awesome? I loved exploring the Griffith Observatory like it was my first time there. A decade is long time, and it lets you see beautiful places you used to know seem like unexplored places. I definitely recommend you visit if you are ever in Los Angeles. Wear a moto jacket incase it gets windy! :)) 

Much Love, 

Thursday, November 9, 2017

November Style

Strolling through the week here after a not so good end of October. The beginning of November wasn't the greatest for me because I got really sick. My energy level suffered greatly although I tried my hardest to take good care. Sometimes your body has to let you know when you've got to hit pause, slow down, and refocus. I've been non-stop as I tend to do. Having to rest at home for a bit made me realize I had not been eating really well, rushing breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 
Now that my son graduated High School and is in College, my mommy schedule is taking some getting used to. I don't have to plan meals the way I used to when he depended more on me. He now goes out with his friends, doesn't need me for rides to and from. I get more time to myself, and less time with him. So I've been eating on the go more than ever. I am now taking the time to take better care of what I put into my body. I feel so much better when I eat more fruits and veggies! Don't you? Lesson relearned!!!
Anyways enough about me and more on this outfit. The top and jeans I'm wearing here had been sitting in my closet for a few months waiting. Now that the temps dropped I was able to put these two pieces together and I love the outcome! 

Top: Shein -Similar //Jeans: Gap //Booties: Zara // Hat: Nordstrom-Similar
Mixing up the summer ruffle embroidered trend with some Fall pieces, like the wool hat just feels right. The jeans I got for 60% off at Gap this summer, yay me! Happiness is when an outfit comes together and I myself love it. Styling outfits is so fun, wish I did it for a living. One can wish right? 


Thursday, November 2, 2017

The Sweater Dress

All for the sweater dress say Yassss! Whoever invented the sweater dress was a genious. :)) 
This dress is from Rosegal. I love the vibrant red stripes mixed with  red, black, and red & white stripes. The sweater dress is the comfiest thing to wear during the colder months of the year. I feel that it is simple enough yet makes a statement because it hugs your body just right. 

Dress: Rosegal // Booties: ZARA (similar) // Purse:Amazon (similar)

Style Tips
Wether you get a sweater dress with a pattern or not just make sure that the fabric is soft, not itchy. Also make sure that it's thick enough and roomy enough to keep you snuggly without feeling like you're suffocating in it!

Happy November Everyone! 


*This is a sponsored post, all opinions and thoughts written are my very own.


Wednesday, October 25, 2017

City Metallics

It had been a while since I took a stroll through the city. I missed the feel of the busy energetic buzz of the people. This buzz that I speak of comes along with all the innovative art museums, cocktail lounges, restaurants, and creatives of all types! On our way to another L.A. attraction, my friend Crystal and I ended up here when she entered the wrong address on Google maps. We both agreed it was meant to be since we had the best time. This location is the Disney Concert Hall, a place that I have been wanting to shoot for so long. Finally made it here with my camera in hand. It was so worth the wait! :))
Top: Banana Republic // Skirt: Zara (similar)// Shoes: Gap // Sun Glasses: Diff (similar)

Hope you enjoyed this post, it's one that has been long coming in my mind. I bought this skirt last year and it finally made a debut here. I always pictured it with boots, but it's so hot here that I can't style it that way. I decided these leopard print slip-ons went perfect with the black top. Not too matchy matchy, and I love it because of that. It balances out the whole look perfectly! Leopard like plaid always makes a comback for Fall it seems. I think leopard is back with a vengeance, haha!! Don't you think? 


Monday, October 16, 2017

Skirt and Slouchy Sweater for Fall

Happy new week beautiful people! I'm starting it off with this skirt and sweater combo bringing in the warm and chic vibes with Dresslily. The combination of a skirt and sweater is so good to me because, the weather tends to change up so much throughout the day during Fall. It can be cold in the morning, to warm, to windy, and then back to cold. Throwing on a sweater over a t-shirt or blouse allows me to take off layers when it starts to warm up or vice versa. I also love how I can change up the look with a warm slouchy sweater. 

Skirt: Dresslily //Sweater: Dresslily //Boots: Kaitly Pan// Beret: H&M
This is my second time collaborating with Dresslily and the ordering process has been great. I do have to say that you may have to wait up to 10 business days for your order in some cases since it's coming from China. So just order in advance if you need your outfit for a special occasion. The quality of these two pieces is good. The sweater is soft not itchy, and the faux leather fabric is soft, not stiff at all. I do love these two pieces I received from the online store and I would order again in the furture. 

What do you think of this look? Would wear this combination? Let me know! Hope you are all having a great season :))

Much Love, 

*This is a sponsored post, all opinions and thoughts written are my very own.


Saturday, October 7, 2017

Fall Transitonal Maxi with Rosegal

Plus Size Plunge Slit Maxi Empire Waist Formal Dress - BLACK 3XLBackless Chiffon Thigh High Split Maxi Dress - RED SFloral Print Button Up Chiffon Maxi Dress with Split - RED S
Fall has arrived and it's looking pretty warm around my way. I'll still be in shorts, tanks, and maxi long dresses for a while. Rosegal has some magnificent style maxi dresses that would transition great into Fall. I really think they are great because they look good on all body types. They are also easy to dress up or down with different accessories. 
 Here's a few tips on how to still wear your favorite maxi dresses well into Fall. 
Style Tip: Layer a moto jacket over your maxi dress to keep yourself warm when it starts getting chilly, but also add some cool streetstyle as well.
Style Tip 2: Wear some heel booties instead of sandals with your maxi to stay warm and stylish!
Halter Backless Maxi Flounce Plunge Dress - GREEN LSpaghetti Strap Pockets Long Casual Maxi Beach Dress - WHITE S
Dresses: Rosegal 1. Black //2. Floral // 3. Red Dress //4. Green //5.White
Definitely I go for solids but if you're more of a floral gal, a moto jacket does add an insteresting contrast to any kind of maxi dress.  Do you like maxi dresses? I’m a fan 😁 Wish you all an awesome Fall season, or Spring if you're in Australia!


*This is a sponsored post, all thoughts/ideas expressed are my very own.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Dresslily: Shoes Review

So yeah, this was my face when I first spotted these shoes on the Dresslily website. I was instantly  surprised and fell in love with them. I mean what is not to love about these red Mini Mouse/Barbie retro inspired cuties right? Here's my review on them!

Fit: About half a size larger than my shoe size. :(
Comfort: Comfortable, extra cushion, soft fabric lining inside the shoe.
Design: Well crafted shoe. Comes with rubber gripping at the bottom of shoe, so no fear of slipping in these.
Price: $29.56 /Ships for Free
Shipping: Within 10 business days

Shoes: Dresslily
My overall take on these shoes is that I do like the style and how well the shoe is made. Unfortunately because it is not the right fit I attempted to return the item and exchange, but instead they agreed to issue me a full refund without a return. Since this is a collaboration, I guess I just get to keep the item? Not sure, but at least you know that the store will issue a full refund if you are not satisfied. They responded to my request within an hour, so that is super fast via email for a refund! I was impressed with that. I am a little hesitant about ordering shoes through this store again because of this experience. I have some clothes on the way as well from this store, so let's see how that turns out. :)) 

With Love,

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