Thursday, February 23, 2017

Custom Stickers with Stickerapp

Introducing you to these custom made stickers with the Stickerapp! These stickers are great to add to stationary, phone cases, and so much more. They would be awesome for blog logos too, if you are branding it's such a cool way to get your brand recognized! 
I was really excited when I was contacted to design my own, since I am a design lover and all. The design process is kind of natural to me. I do it as I'm going about on a daily, or out on the weekends . I always have my Iphone handy to take pictures of anything that I find interesting. 
This design came to me as I was thinking of a positive quote to post on my Instagram, I'm crazy about it. It's something my friends and I have said to each other throughout our lives, for fun! You know when you are getting down dancing, or doing anything that just makes us who we are. I thought it would be inspirational for others too. Doing what I love is just priceless! Having others recognize it is the best. 

This Good Vibes design was my favorite to make. I'm a palm tree lover and shoot them all the time. I find the height impressive for something found in nature. While out in Long Beach one day with my friend, these palms sparked my interest because of the way they were all standing so close together. Later while designing the stickers I chose them to go along with my Good Vibes quote. Palms give me all the good vibes. Hope they do the same for you!
Do visit and make your own personal custom design! You can also visit them on Instagram to get inspired. All the Good Vibes to you all! Oh yeah, and I gotta say Get It Girl!!!
*This is a sponsored post, all opinions and ideas are my very own. 

Monday, February 20, 2017

A Stroll in Malibu

A quick look for you today since I'm off to work, but this is what Southern Cali looked like over the weekend. A little cold, but then the sun came out to shine bright. It was lovely. 
This jacket I received as a gift from my sister is the best! It does great in low, and moderate temps. I highly recommend it. Links down below. Been working, working, working over here...shooting on the weekends and studying. How about you, I'd love to know what you've been up to. 
Jacket: Andrew Mark //Skirt: Free People (old)//Booties: Zara 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Pink and Red

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Hope you've had some wonderful Vday celebrations. I had a Galentine's one again this year with some of my best girl friends. It was great getting together, now as I get older and many of my friends have kids it's harder to get together throughout the year. This is one day that is such fun to show each other that we are still there for one another. Yes, you can do this all year, but a special day to celebrate is so much fun! Like a birthday type of thing, you know?

Because my favorite heels are open toes, I had to wear these with my pink and red outfit. Pencil skirts and heels always remind me of my Barbie outfits as a kid. I loooooooooved Barbie to death! I even sewed my own Barbie clothes since seven. With needle and tread I made some pretty good ones. Most of them were pencil skirts, hehe. I wish I still loved making clothes that much. I would sew myself a whole new wardrobe!

Bisou Bisou, 

Skirt: Vince Camuto(similar)//Blouse: JCrew//Shoes: Steve Madden (similar)
Purse: Kate Spade (similar)


Wednesday, February 8, 2017

For the love of red

 I'm super inspired by February the month of love. Number one reason is because I love bright colors, and reds, pinks, hot pinks are some of the ones that have captured my fancy. I know I've been absent from the blog a bit the past few months. Mainly I haven't been blogging as often. The transition into a full time position as a nanny/teacher has gotten the best of me as far as energy is concerned. I have plans for a healthier lifestyle that I'm slowly but surely putting into place. I need all the good nutrition and excercise to keep me energized! I struggle with this quiet a bit. If you have any workout secrets, strategies or fun workouts, do pass them along please. :))

I'm wearing one of my favorite dresses I got last year, I could live in it!  Lace and me belong together. You have any exciting plans this coming weekend? I'm getting together with friends, and that is always a fun time!  How are you all doing? I'm visiting your blogs ASAP!!!! 


Dress: c/o Shopbop -Free People (Similar)/Booties: ZARA 

Monday, January 30, 2017

A Pop Of Red

Hope you're all doing great! January has been a busy one for me, with tons of birthdays to celebrate and gatherings. Sometimes I just need to take some time to relax, so rare for me to do so. This weekend I did just that for at least a day. Although I spent it doing things around the house, it definitely necessary. Has your January been crazy busy?
One of my goals this year is to be much more daring when it comes to shooting on my own. I need to be since I don't have my own photographer, haha! Depending on others to shoot my pics is hard. Do you run into the same problem? It's hard for me to ask just anyone, and after all everyone has their own thing going on. You will see me get more bold as time goes own, I plan to shoot most pics on my own. Locations are tricky since I never want an audience. Gotta get up early to get some locations to myself.
Hope you like my outfit! This cardigan is the coziest thing ever. I styled this cardigan with a pop of red because it just called for it. 


Cardigan: ZARA(similar)//Jeans: H&M//Shirt: Banana Republic//Booties:ZARA

Tuesday, January 24, 2017


I've been away from the blog for two weeks because I was busy planning and preparing for my trip to Washington D.C. for the Women's March. So much planning went into this trip. Number one, I had to make sure my son was on board with me going. After all I wasn't just going on a short trip. I was going to be part of a mass protest to stand up for not only women's rights, but for the rights of thousands of people who's lives will be undeniably changed by the laws established by the current U.S. government. I say government because it is the entire government that is responsible for passing the laws for the country, not just the president.

 I marched for all of those people whose lives have become more difficult by the discriminating words that were used against them by the current U.S. president. Words that instilled fear, hatred, and animosity towards people of different nationalities, abilities, color, and religious values in the minds of closed minded individuals in this country. 

Sharing my experience here with you all because freedom, love, and equality are things that I believe are essential to living a good life. Those things have been threatened by the current presidency. The march to me represented a chance for my voice to be heard along with the thousands of people around the world. 



Monday, January 9, 2017


Hello! How's the new year treating you? I've been resting and getting back into the swing of things after the holidays. I also did some shopping, catching those amazing sales happening at the end of the year. I was lucky to snatch up this beautiful yellow coat at JCrew.

 This coat was on my wishlist because price was in the hundreds. As soon as the price dropped and there was an additional 50% off, I checked at all the stores in my area to see if it was in stock. Unfortunately it wasn't. I definitely went on a mission for this coat, and in the end it paid off. I was able to order it in my size at the store and have it delivered to my house. It is my current precious! Did you guys find something you had been dreaming of on sale this past Holiday season? I'm always looking for great bargains!  It is still avaiable in sizes 8,10,12 online if you love it. Cheers with my first post of 2017!


Coat: JCrew//Booties:Zara(similar)//T-shirt: Banana Republic//Skirt: Old (Similar)

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