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Friday, July 28, 2017

Fresh Face with VII Code Eye Mask

Feeling so good after tryng VII gel eye mask these past few weeks. Unlike other masks, this eye mask is unique in that it is an 8 hour overnight treatment.  Read my review and you will see why. 

 It is suggested that you use the mask 2-3 times per week. One box has 6 pakets which will give you 2-3 treatments. For the best results you should use them for 8 hours. If for some reason you can't sleep with them, 2-4 hours is okay. It is recommended that you use 3 boxes for a complete beauty treatment.  For a more cooling effect you may also store them in the refrigirator

I have to say that I was hesitant to try this product because of my super sentive skin. I do have circles under my eyes when I don't get enough rest, which is almost always. I stay up blogging or studying and it is not so pretty when I wake up in the morning. My eyes do suffer. Part of it is hereditary, I get it from my grandma. The other part is me, need to get to bed a decent time. I try but sometimes I can't help it. Needless to say it wouldn't hurt to try an eye mask once in while, or for me on a daily. :)) After the results I got, I don't regret it one little bit!

When I first tore open the aluminum bag and took out the eye masks they felt cool to the touch. When placing them around my eyes and pressing gently it felt like a tiny massage. It is suggested that you press on them to help your skin absorb the nourishment in the mask. I actually enjoyed doing this! The rest is super easy, just go to sleep. 

When I woke up in the morning and peeled the little masks off, I actually saw that the skin under my eyes looked more even toned. It was flat, not puffy as per usual. The small creases around my eyes were less noticeable. This mask did live up to it's promise 100%! 

-skin around the eye looks brighter
-skin looks smoother
-less puffy
-more even tone
-effects last about 12 hours

-Effects of the mask are not permanent
-if you are a side sleeper, they may rub off your face
-you have to keep it on for 8 hours to see maximum results
-a bit pricey at $58 for one box, complete treatment is 3 boxes

I would highly recommend the VII Code eye mask to anyone in search of product to help with dark eye circles, fine lines, and a more youthful skin appearance. It is so worth it if you have a big event coming up, or a photoshoot. This product definitely made my day a lot brighter, and I felt more confident in the appearance of my skin. Hope you enjoyed this review beauties, let me know your thoughts in the comments!


*This is a sponsored post, all thoughts and opinions about this product are my very own.


Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Minimal Style: Green, Blue and Red Swimsuit

V Neck High Cut One Piece Swimsuit - Red MBuckles Velvet High Cut Bikini - Blackish Green M
We are in the thick of summer and with so many little trips I have coming up, some Zaful bold color swimsuits are just what I need! I discoverd this red swimsuit, and green bikini that grabbed my attention because of the simple designs! I can see myself rocking that simple one piece and feeling oh so good. Also the green bikini though simple at first sight, the pink detail waist band and straps give it so much style!

One Shoulder Bikini Set - Red MHigh Waisted Scalloped One Shoulder Bikini - Light Blue L
                    These two one shoulder bikinies are just so cute! I love both colors so much, one of my favorite color combinations as well. Are you more of a minimalist when it comes to swimwear, or do you enjoy prints more. I can go either way, but I'm really feelings these suits. Code for a 10% discount is provided for you all below!
I recently got a ruffled dress from Zaful that I will share with you all on the blog. Crazy about it because the quality of the fabric is so good so I think these swimsuits will not dissapoint. They carry so many great trendy styles as well as classics at the lowest prices.
Since it’s Romper season. Click for best ideas of floral rompers.
Get yourself a new romper this summer! I adore them so much.
Use 10% off code:ZFEN01

Cheers All,

*This is a sponsored post, all thoughts on the clothing are my own.


Friday, July 21, 2017

Let's Play

With summer in full swing here in Cali, meeting up with friends is my favorite on the weekends.This past weekend I saw my friend Natily, and spent the day enjoying the rays. I thought this skirt was perfectly airy and free flowing enough to keep me cool. Why not style it with a plain t-shirt and tie it to style it up a bit more? Loved the result, hope you do as well. 

Skirt: Old (similar)//Shoes: Steve Madden//Shirt-Banana Republic //Bracelette: Open Heart Warrior

Much Love, 


Sunday, July 16, 2017

Summer Restyled

Woo hoo, summer time! All my cool light dresses get to come out and play. This is one of my recent purchases this year. A few months ago when the Victoria Beckham line dropped at Target, my sister and I were one of the first people there! I loved this dress because of the structured sleeves and high low style. So unique, and interesting! I first minimally styled the dress here wearing pointy black heels. This time around I when with bright red sandals, thick statement belt (very rare for me), messenger crossbody bag, and big wide frame sun glasses. 

Style Tips
Though I have added new pieces to wardrobe this year, I am making it a habit to shop way more consciously than I used to. I now ask myself a few questions before buying something new. 
1. Do I love it?
2. Does it fit well?
3. Is it versitile (can I style it in different ways?)
4. Do I have accessories that would go with it (including shoes?)
5. Is it made well?
Once I have answered yes to all these questions, I will go ahead and make the purchase. These questions help me make thoughtful decisions about what I bring into my home life. I don't want something that will just add bulk to my closet, and my life. It has to definitely serve a purpose!  How do you shop? Would these tips help you shop more consciously? Hope so! I will be restyling many more clothes in my closet from now on.


Dress: Target-Victoria Beckham for Target (here)//Sandals: Madewell (similar)//Belt: Loft (similar)
 Bag: Gap//Sunglasses: Local Shop (similar)


Friday, July 7, 2017

July Feels

July feels hella hot!!!! Like we would say in San Francisco, oh if I still lived there. Love L.A. but I wish to visit San Francisco so badly. I was an inner city San Francisco kid for about 4 years of my life after I moved to the U.S. from El Salvador during the civil war in the late 80's. That is where I called home until my mom moved us to Los Angeles in 1988. As a U.S. citizen now, America's Independence Day has such a profound meaning for me. It is the place that took my family in when we had nowhere else to turn to. Shout out to my family in San Francisco that made a home for my mom, my sister, and I!!! This look is dedicated to our Independence Day. 

Hope you are all doing great! I'm enjoying this ruffle trend to the fullest, can you tell? Are you all into the ruffles? Give me more!!!


Top: Zara (similar)//Pants: Cottonon//Heels: Steve Madden (old)// Sun Glasses: Nordstroms(similar)


Friday, June 30, 2017

Dancing In Satin

Feeling so free and pretty in this satin pink maxi! Got this from Shop Tobi recently and it is just so lovely. This satin maxi has a high slit which is not only sexy, but adds dramatic flow to the dress. I immediately felt the comfort of this dress when I put it on. That's one of the perks of maxi's right? Are you a maxi dress lover too?

So far I've had an eventful start to my summer with a bridal shower for one of my best friends in the city of Santa Barbara. I fell in love with so many places there. Check out my Instagram and check out some cool pictures I captured of the homes in Santa Barbara. I'm sure you'll love it! Let me know what you think of my maxi, and of course I will link it for you here. Have an awesonme weekend babes!!
Dress: Shop Tobi Shoes: ZARA (similar) Necklace: The Loft (old) Ring: Topshop (old)

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Best Hair

Hi beautiful people! Today I'm bringing you a hair review that has been long in the making...mentally that is. I have been curious about hair extentions for quiet some time, I'd say a few years now. I was contacted by the Best Hair Store to review their clip in hair extensions, and I decided to give it a go. My review is here for you!
The decision on choosing the right color for my hair was really quick because I already have a balayage on my hair. I knew is would blend in just right. I haven't colored my hair in over a year and it still holds the balayage really well. I chose the 20 inch clip in hair extensions in Ombre Balayage color straight. It is Brazilian Virgin Hair which can be curled and styled as you so please. 
I have to say since I've never tried hair extensions in my life I was a little overwhelmed. Since I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to doing things right sometimes. I watched a Youtube video 3 times on it. Then I so happened to see one of my friends at my sister's house that was familiar with hair extensions that offered to help. I was so happy and relieved because I learn best by following along with someone. 
Ease of Use
The first time around my friend Tamika made me aware that you had to snap the little clips open to clip on to your hair. I had no idea, lol!!! I was missing this step.
You start at the back of the head first with the widest extenstions. You part your hair at the bottom leaving a part of your hair down so that the clips have a place to grip. You then press down on each little clip and snap all the way around the back of your head, and voila! You have added inches of natural lookin volume to your hair. You then move up another layer of your hair and repeat the process until to reach the sides of your head. There you add the smallest pieces of hair extensions for a very natural layered look. 
It only took me 2 tries before I could do it right on my own. I think that's really good for someone who has never done this before. For that reason alone I give these extensions an A! Also they look so good and blend in with my hair so well. Don't you think?
Do visit the Best Hair Store and check them out, try it if you love changing up your hair looks throughout the seasons. I love the look, and will be using my extentions throughout the year for sure. The only thing that I felt was missing from the kit I received were instructions on how to apply the extensions. I know it seems pretty easy but I didn't even know you had to snap the clips to grip onto the hair until my friend told me. Although there is a video on the Best Hair Store made by another blogger, I must have skipped through that part or she didn't explain it either. Nevertheless, I do like the extensions very much, and would recommend them to anyone looking for more volume and length for their hair.
P.S. The Best Hair Store also included two combs which helped so much when parting the hair. Oh yeah and free lashes too!

Dress: Shop Tobi  
           Shop Tobi 

*This is a sponsored post, all thoughts and opinions on the product are my very own. 
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