Sunday, April 23, 2017

It takes a Village

Super sunny days are becoming more frequent. So much so that it's driving my need to get outdoors more than ever. I love exploring nature, as well as visiting museums, discovering different artists, and visiting places I've never been before. Doing what I love is definitely becoming a balancing act! Working a full time job, doing photography on the side, blogging, parenting, all while trying to study is a balancing act for sure. It takes a lot of energy and hard work. Which brings me to the question, can we do it all? Can we do what we love, and be good at so many other important roles in our lives? 

Dress: American Apparel (similar)//Shoes: Steve Madden//Purse: Gap//Sun Glasses: Diff Eyewear

I struggle with doing my best at everything I do, which sometimes leaves me feeling drained. Do you ever feel that way? Like you are spreading yourself too thin? Well how I've been able to raise a son as a single parent, graduate college, and still be able to do the things that bring me happiness is by getting help from loved ones. 

There was a time when I didn't want help from anyone. I wanted to do it all on my own. All that got me was a panic attack during college that almost had me riding in an ambulance. I learned that I can't be Wonder Woman, although I try. :)) So to answer the question, "Can we do it all?" Yes, we can do anything we set our minds to. We just have to be creative, and have a supporting group that is more than willing to be there for us. To all my friends and family that have helped make my life all that much richer by lending their time, I am eternally greatful. Of course I will do the same for them in a heart beat, and I have. I truly believe it takes a village! 

Do you have any tricks to finding balance in your life? If you do please share!

Much Love, 


Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Easy Breazy

Hi beautiful people! I seem to be writing less recently on the blog, but I am super active on Instagram. I find that my love for photography and the art of it all just makes my creative juices flow. I do miss writing so much though and I wish there were more hours in the day to do it all. There is one more section for the the CSET that I have to study for to apply for my teachers credential, and I fear it because it's not my favorite subject. I have to admit I have a fear of Math, but not just your basic math, mainly Geometry. So you can say procrastination has taken over my life, but I am making progress in getting more organized. I think that will help so much, as well as planned study sessions with friends will get me more focused. Like my friend always said to me, "It takes a village..." She would know, she's a professor. I'll take that advice!

Jeans: Gap// Shirt-Bando//Shoes: Gap(old)

Life is about changes and it moves so rapidly. These are my thoughts daily. I try so hard to stay in the present, the struggle is real. For that reason, and so many more I give you this simple look. Hope you like the free casual vibe to it. Wish me luck on my motivation struggles. I need to get the ball rolling on my teachers credential! 



Thursday, March 30, 2017

Oversized Jumpsuit

Wishing you all a happy Spring in my geometric jumpsuit! It makes me spring with happiness, haha. No really it does, from the inside out. As lover of jumpsuits and geometric shapes this romper is just perfection to me. It also sort of makes me feel like a powerful samurai warrior, and I like the feeling. The oversize design is free flowing, so easy to wear with different types of shoes as well. I can totally style it with tennis shoes and heels. It's just dreamy!

I also have to tell you all about my large saddle crossbody bag. I've been wanting this style for a while, and I feel so lucky I got this bag at 50% off with my Gap card. I love their sales so much, one reason I own their card. Plus I can always find great purchases there no matter what time of year. Totally one of my favorite stores. 

Hope you liked this fun look! I'm in a pretty good mood since I have Friday off this week. I'll be in the happiest place on earth this weekend with one of my favorite cousins.  I haven't been to Disneyland in about 9 years, crazy since I live in Los Angeles. It's just so pricey, but had to make an exception for the come back of the Electrical Parade this year. My sister, cousin and I used to perform it as kids infront of our family and friends. So it was a must to go see it. Do you guys have any fun Disney related stories? Share please! I am a Disney Fan through and through. Can't wait to go!

Hugs and Kisses, 
Jumpsuit: Urban Outfitters//Shoes: ZARA(similar)//Purse: Gap 


Monday, March 20, 2017

Black and White is Always Right

How's it going everyone? Are you all feeling like time is flying and summer will almost be here even though we just hit Spring? That is my mind lately. I have a Spring kind of look for you with the skirt and sweater mix. One of my favorite mixes, black and white even better. Do you think you can't go wrong with black and white outfits? I do. No matter what it is such a classic and will never go out of style. I mean the high contrast of the two colors is the key in it looking so chic. I'm sharing a few tips with you all this week. These are some that I live by :)) Use them so much!

Style Tips:
1. Use a pop of red in any black and white outfit to make it fun, more interesting, and make a statement. It will make a simple outfit come to life. It can be a red lipstick, purse, of shoe. No matter what it will make the outfit standout. Also if you're not a fan of red, pink will do the same in a more subtle way. Although you can totally throw on a pop of hot pink and rock it with black and white as well!
2. Find black and white pieces with unique structure or details. This could be in the form of fringe as you see on the sweater, or imprints like on the skirt. This makes the simple outfit more unique, not just another black and white number. :))

Sweater: Banana Republic//Skirt: Tahari (similar)//Boots: Gap (similar)
I used this cool building design with red square structures to make my outfit pop! I am a red and pink lippy girl most days :)) It just complements a simple outfit so well! 

Hope you are all doing fantastic, and life is being good to you. I'm getting ready for my son to graduate from High School, and I'm feeling nostalgic about his Elementary years. Wahhhhh! It's okay though, I feel proud of the young man he has become. Time for me to let go of the ropes, haha! He will always be my baby though. Okay enough about me and my corny self. Tell me anything new with you? Comment below and let me know.

P.S. My stuff is selling super cheap on Poshmark right now, go there and check it out. I want to clear my closet, so I've listed most things $9-$15 dollars. :)) I'll be posting more clothes throughout the week.

Much Love, 


Monday, March 13, 2017

One dress 4 outfits

Hi Everyone! I've been gone for two weeks from the blog and missed you all so much. I'm back after my Birthday celebration in Oregon. Getting back in the swing of things with these 4 looks for you. How are you all doing? Hope the beginning of March has been good to you. It's been a good one for me so far. Some of my childhood dreams came true when I visited Portand. Mainly because I visited the town where one of my favorite movies was filmed. The famous Goonies movie, if you haven't watched it, highly recommend this fun kid adventure for the kid still in you. Come on, we all have one! 
 Let me know which is your favorite out of these looks. I'll wear my favorite on the blog soon. Are you a sporty, chic, or fancy girl? I am all of them in one. Sometimes all of them at once. :))
Much Love, 
Dress: America Apparel (currently everything 50% off!)

Monday, February 27, 2017

Spring Styling with Jord Wood Watches

woodwatch, cool watch, women's watch, men's watch,
I'm so happy to share with you my Spring styling on this awesome Jordwatch. Not only that, there is a GIVEAWAY for you all as well! Details to the contest when you scroll down, you don't want to miss it.
 My watch is the Frankie Series Zebrawood & Blue. It is such a unique watch because of the wood design, very light, and feels so natural on my wrist. I have secretly been admiring Jord watches for quiet some time. I find it a very cool watch to own, as it goes with the modern street style I love. Jord's women's watches and men's watches are very inovative. The minimal and stream line designs are just what I need in my life. I don't wear much jewelry, so this is a perfect complement to my style. Less is more for me, less stress, less worry right? This watch has made me a happy girl!
Do you like how I styled it? I wore a jean skirt to go with the minimalist blue face on the watch. Paired it with my blue jacket to add and extra blue tone in there, plus it was chilly that day. :)) Like most days in Sourthern Cali, it warms up as the day goes on. I thought  my favorite jean skirt would be perfect with heeled booties. So my look is a little bit of street style mixed with chic with the booties. Just the way I like it. Now head on down and grab one of your own with $100 gift code for the winner and $25 for just entering the contest!!!!
woodwatch, style, women's watch, spring style
woodwatch, watches, Jord, men's watch, women's watch,
Jord, woodwatch, watches, women's watch
spring styling, watch, woodwatch, Jord, men's watch, women's watch
The winner will win a $100 e gift code to use of their own purchase on any Jord watch. Once the contest is over, all who enter will receive $25 gift code. You have until March 5th to enter the contest by 11:59am. The winner will be picked at random and all who entered will be emailed their coupon code. The code will expire on 4/30/2017.
Enter contest by clicking  here.
 Remember even if you don't win the grand prize, you will still recieve a $25 code just for entering once the contest ends. It's a win win! 
Best Wishes, 
This is a sponsored post, all opinions regarding the product are my very own.
Wooden Wristwatch

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Custom Stickers with Stickerapp

Introducing you to these custom made stickers with the Stickerapp
I was really excited when I was contacted to design my own, since I am a design lover and all. The design process is the most fun for me. You can make just about anything into a sticker with the Stickerapp. They are great to add to stationary, laptops, phone cases, and so much more. They would be awesome for blog logos too, if you are branding it's such a cool way to get your brand recognized! 
This design came to me as I was thinking of a positive quote to post on my Instagram, I'm crazy about it. It's something my friends and I have said to each other throughout our lives, for fun! You know when you are getting down dancing, or doing anything that just makes us who we are. I thought it would be inspirational for others too. Doing what I love is just priceless! Having others recognize it is the best. 

This Good Vibes design was my favorite to make. I'm a palm tree lover and shoot them all the time. I find the height impressive for something found in nature. While out in Long Beach one day with my friend, these palms sparked my interest because of the way they were all standing so close together. Later while designing the stickers I chose them to go along with my Good Vibes quote. Palms give me all the good vibes. Hope they do the same for you!
Do visit and make your own personal custom design! You can also visit them on Instagram to get inspired. All the Good Vibes to you all! Oh yeah, and I gotta say Get It Girl!!!
25% OFF ALL ORDERS up to $100 UNTIL FEBRUARY 25th using Code: INSPIREMY25!!
*This is a sponsored post, all opinions and ideas are my very own. 
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