Thursday, July 24, 2014

Natily's Style: Summer Gal

   Hey Loves!

Summer has been very busy!
No vacations just yet- only work. Fun right? Haha.
Well, working with kids is fun, but I can assure you it isn't easy.
Summer camp leaves little time to blog/shop/pin/look through Vogue! Hehe.
On my day off I took full advantage of hanging out with sweet Tania. Plus, time to finally shoot!
It was a perfect morning at the beach. 
Just what I needed!


Sunshine + Tie-Dye = Pure Happiness. 


                   Love this dress. Love this season. Love the beach. 


        Dress- Forever 21! (Shocked they had it because it was hard to find a dress similar)
                 Elephant Necklace- Gift from Tania, Xx.
        Pure Love, 
                      Natily Xx

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