Inspire My Fancy is a creative place where I hope to inspire your style, and creativity. My love for fashion, art, photography, and beauty is endless. My goal is to lead a happy, beautiful life... a life that inspires others to do what they love, and follow their dreams.

I have always loved Fashion and design. In my dreams I would have been involved in the industry somehow. So it is through this blog that I will share my style and work on my creativity! So I can't say I didn't live my dream.  :))

My dear friend Natily joined Inspire My Fancy as a contributor to beauty, and style. She will be posting here from time to time, showing you some of her wonderful style and beauty tips.
Hope you enjoy it!

Much Love,

You may contact me at inspiremyfancy@gmail.com for any inquiries.

 Inspiremyfancy.blogspot.com occasionally receives vendor/brand sponsorships for mentioning their products and services. All brands and vendors featured on the blog are products that I personally am interested in, or already use myself.

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